Fan Engineering Services:

Engineering Software: Cloud based including Data Analytics and Machine Learning. Software services include developing Fan Design and Fan Selection Software using C#, ASP.Net and SQL. (See AxialFanSelect, CustomFanSelect and eFanSelect).

Data Analytics and Machine Learning: Data Analytics is used to assist Aftermarket maintenance and marketing. Fan selection includes Machine Learning to recommend and refine fan selections.

3D Parametric Modeling and Drawing Automation: Fan sizing and performance is based on fan laws and proportionality. This makes fans ideally suited for parametric modeling and drawing automation. Parametric technology makes it possible to configure custom fans and produce General Arrangement Drawings in 30 minutes or less. Drawing generation can be linked to fan design and selection modules. Computer Aided Drafting packages supported are AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop and SolidWorks. (See XDesign).

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): CFD include both static and dynamic reference systems. Static reference systems are used to determining system resistances in fan ducting and ducting bends. Dynamic reference systems are used for predicting fan performance and optimizing fan wheel and housing design. (CFD software: Fluent.)

Finite Element Stress Analysis (FEA): Typical FEA's include stress analysis of fan wheels and support structures to ensure stress levels are below specified maximum values. (FEA software: Algor).

Natural frequency: Natural frequency analysis to determine vibration mode shapes and to ensure that natural frequencies do not coincide with the fan running speed, blade passing frequency or harmonics of running speed. Both lateral and torsional natural frequencies are included.

Fatigue Analysis: Fatigue analysis of fan wheels and rotating components to determine expected operating life.

Seismic Analysis: Seismic analysis of fan structures to ensure reliable operation at specified seismic levels.

PLC Programming: The company specializes in programming Allan Bradley MicroLogix programmable logic controllers . RSLogix software is used to develop and test ladder logic programs.